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Masterpiece 4 - Impressions of Don Quixote

The whimsical character of Don Quixote inspired many artists through the centuries, including three very different interpretations featured in this show. Come dream impossible dreams with us!

4/7/2018 To 4/8/2018
Masterpiece 5 - American Mavericks
We celebrate the major birthdays of important musical American mavericks, including our nation’s greatest maestro, Leonard Bernstein. Join us to celebrate true American originals.
5/5/2018 To 5/6/2018
Nth Degree - Time Warp
Nth Degree is back for a fourth season! Enjoy Cape Symphony principal musicians – and many equally talented guest artists – up close and personal as they take classical music to the Nth Degree!
6/10/2018 3:00 PM
The Cape Symphony's Beatles Tribute
A tribute to the Beatles featuring original members of the Broadway sensation Beatlemania and the Cape Symphony!

Jung Ho Pak, Artistic Director & Conductor

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